Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download & Get Bonus(₹51) | Mini Withdraw ₹100/-

By TopRummyApp.Com - 07/01/2023

Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download–With the help of today's application, you can easily earn ₹3000 to ₹4000 sitting at home.

Because I am going to give you this article Get Bonus(₹51) - Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download | Withdraw ₹100/- I will tell you how you can earn ₹ 3000 to ₹ 4000 per day sitting at home with the help of this application.

So you can read this article Get Bonus(₹51) - Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download | Withdraw ₹100/-Read carefully.

About Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download:

Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download
App Name : Rummy Deity Mod App
Version : 1.0
App Size : 64 MB
Updated on : Jan 4, 2023
Developers : Ashenfallous Pvt
Sign Up Bonus : ₹51
Mini. Withdraw : ₹100
Referral Code : Not Avilable
Download Link : Click Here
Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download

If you want to get some information about this Rummy Deity App, then you have been told the size of this application here. You can see inside the table below. And from here you can also download this application.

Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download Review:

As you guys know, real application is given here so that you can earn real money. So today's application is also a real application from which you can easily earn ₹3000 to ₹4000 per day sitting at home.

The download of this application is about 10M+, so you can download it without worrying.

With the help of this application, you can earn money in many ways, such as you can earn money by playing games and you can also earn money by referring Satavar. Will give more information about earning money, before that you download this app.

Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download Link

To earn money by playing games with its help, you must first download this app, for that you can follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, you go to TopRummyApp.Com.
  2. Then Find Rummy Deity App and Click On Download Now Button.
  3. When you click on the download button, you will reach the official website of this app.
  4. Here you will see another download button.
  5. You will be asked for permission as soon as you click on the download button.
  6. Simply you will give the permission.
  7. Give permission, the app will start downloading on your phone.
  8. After downloading, you have to install it on your phone.

Note: If Apk is not installed in your phone, then go to Settings and turn on Install From Unknown Source so that you can install this app.

Rummy Deity Apk Download Account Create Process:

The process after installing is that first you have to register in it, because if you do not register then you cannot play the game. You can follow all the process given below to register.

  1. First open this app on your phone.
  2. After that you will enter one of your phone numbers.
  3. After entering, you people will click on these.
  4. After clicking on login, an OTP will come on your number.
  5. Will put that OTP.
  6. After that you will click on verify.
  7. When you click, you will be registered and will go to the interface of the game.
  8. And also you will get a signup bonus of ₹51.

How to earn money from Rummy Deity Apk Mod Download?

Friends, in this application you see the option to earn money in many ways, the first and main way is that you will get to play many types of games in it, by which you can earn money by playing, but first of all to play the game You have to invest money and then earn money by winning games on the basis of your school.

And another way is that you can earn money by sharing this app, when you share in your friends or relatives, you will get some commission from these, the same commission will be your earning.

Rummy Deity Apk Download Game List:

You can earn money by playing any game of your choice, such as Black Jack Game, Andar Bahar Game and Dragon Vs Tiger Game.

Rummy Deity App Maltiplayer Games

In this Rummy Deity App, there are many games inside the Maltiplayer. Out of this, you can earn a lot of money by playing the game.

  1. Tiger Dragon Game
  2. Zoo Roulette Game
  3. Car Roulette Game
  4. Zoo Roulette Game
  5. Crash Game
  6. Roulette Game
  7. Andar Bahar Game
  8. Teen Patti 20-20 Game
  9. Baccarat Game
  10. Best Of Five Game
  11. 3 Card Poker Game
  12. Mines Game
  13. Fruit Line Game
  14. Andar Bahar Go Game

Rummy Deity App Skill Games

You have also been given a great game in Rummy Deity App in a skill category. You can earn money by playing this too. I have given the list.

  1. Rummy Game
  2. Teen Patti Game
  3. Black Jack Game
  4. Fishing Rush Game
  5. Ludo Game
  6. Poker Game
  7. 10 Cards Game
  8. Variation Game
  9. 10 Crads Game

Rummy Deity App Sports Games

In Rummy Deity App, you have also given the option of match. In this you can also earn money by playing matches. I have given the list below.

  1. Sports Game
  2. Fantasy Sports

Note:- Friends, we have also mentioned winning games above, all of them involve financial risk. Before adding money inside it, keep in mind that you may also suffer loss in it. Only people of 18+ age can download it.

Rummy Deity App Download VIP Plan:

Here you have been given VIP Plan. Which you can buy and use to play your games. When you buy this plan. So you get bonus. That's why you have also been given Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus and Level Bonus. Which you can buy and play games in it.

Here you get to see some VIP Plan List. You can see this VIP Plan. And can earn more and more money from this.

Level Bonus
VIP 1 ₹500 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
₹10,000 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
₹30,000 ₹30 ₹60 ₹10
VIP 4 ₹80,000 ₹40 ₹70 ₹15
VIP 5 ₹1.50 L ₹50 ₹80 ₹20
VIP 6 ₹2.50 L ₹60 ₹90 ₹25
₹4.50 L ₹70 ₹100 ₹30
₹7.50 L ₹80 ₹110 ₹35
₹11.50 L ₹90 ₹120 ₹40
VIP 10 ₹16.50 L ₹100 ₹130 ₹45
VIP 11 ₹23.50 L ₹110 ₹140 ₹50
VIP 12 ₹32.50 L ₹120 ₹150 ₹55
VIP 13 ₹43.50 L ₹130 ₹160 ₹60
VIP 14 ₹56.50 L ₹140 ₹170 ₹65
VIP 15 ₹71.50 L ₹150 ₹180 ₹70
VIP 16 ₹89.50 L ₹160 ₹190 ₹75
VIP 17 ₹1.105 Cr ₹170 ₹200 ₹80
VIP 18 ₹1.345 Cr ₹180 ₹210 ₹85
VIP 19 ₹1.615 Cr ₹190 ₹220 ₹90
VIP 20 ₹1.915 Cr ₹200 ₹230 ₹95

Rummy Deity Apk Download Share Bonus:

Share you here to your friends. So you get bonus. If you share your first to any friend. So you get commission up to ₹80. He shares to another friend. So you get a commission of ₹90. And share to third friend. Or share more to any friend or relative. So you keep getting commission up to ₹ 100. So that you can easily play the game.

When you share with your friends and they download and recharge minimum ₹1000 and play the game then you will get ₹80 on the first friend, the same when your second friend does so much work then you will get ₹90 and after Later on your third friend and more downloaders will get ₹100 per friend.

Rummy Deity Apk Download ICC T20:

If you are fond of playing cricket, then you also have the option of playing cricket in this Rummy Deity App. You can play it, and earn a lot of money. So, immediately open this game and play it.

Rummuy Deity Apk Download Rafer & Earn:

If you share as much as possible with your friends in Rummy Deity App. So you get about 60% extra bonus, so you can play the game easily.

When your friend plays the game, a commission of 15% to 30% is deducted from the application. So you will be given a commission of 60% of this commission.You can easily take bonus from here by sharing this application through your smartphone through WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media. From which a lot of money can be earned.

For example, suppose your friend played a game of ₹100 and it doesn't matter if he wins or loses in the game, then ₹5 went to the application, now you will be given ₹3 out of it and ₹2 will remain with the application.

Rummy Deity App Download Weakly Bonus:

You can also get bonus every week on Rummy Deity App, if you play Raferral games, then here you will get bonus. You can withdraw this bonus every Sunday of the week.

Rummy Deity App Progress Bonus:

Now you have seen the Weakly Bonus, in the same way you can easily earn money by getting Progress Bonus. And it can also be removed.

Rummy Deity Mod Apk Customer Support

You also get Costomer Support in Rummy Deity App. Wherever you have any problem, you can take this support. Here par has given you Telegram Support along with WhatsApp Support. You will be able to take support from either of the two.

Rummy Deity Apk Safe Option

In this application, you have been given the option of Safe to keep all your earned money safe. You have to enter the amount below to make Chip In Safe by going to Current Chip. After that you have to click on the simple safe button. Your money will be kept safe here.

Go to the Save button, put the Current Chips in the Save Box. And click on the button of Yes.

After this you go to Take Out. Insert Safe Chips in Take Out Box. And click on the button of Yes.

Rummy Deity Apk Download Add Cash

In this application if you want to play game. So you have to invest some money in it. When you add some money here. Only then you can play the game from here. To add money in this, all the topics given below have to be read carefully.

  1. First of all, To add money, you have to click on the Add Cash button.
  2. You will select your recharge amount. you can add here at least ₹100 and maximum ₹1,00,000 here.
  3. Now you have to add as much money as you want. choose that
  4. Here you can add money through your UPI.
  5. Now you have to click on the simple Add Chip
  6. Your money will be added inside this application in few minutes.

Rummy Deity Mod Apk Download Deposit Bonus

I am happy to tell you that if you recharge then you are given a cashback bonus of some percentage, so let us see below that how much you recharge and how much bonus you will get.

If you recharge for ₹1000 then you get 3% bonus, if you recharge for ₹3000 then you get 3.5% bonus, if you recharge for ₹5000 then you get 4% bonus Yes, you get 4.5% bonus on recharge of ₹8000, 5% bonus on recharge of ₹10000.

And if you recharge ₹ 30000, ₹ 50000, and ₹ 100000 then you are given a bonus of 5.5%. This is going to be a very good deal, so you can recharge according to your own.

Note:-We or our website does not give advice to add money to any game. If you add money. So you yourself will be responsible for profit and loss from it.

Rummy Deity Apk Cash Withdraw Process

Minimum Withdraw ₹ 100 has been kept inside this application. Here you can withdraw money to your account through your bank account or UPI.

  1. You first click on the Withdraw button
  2. After that fill in Withdrawal Info.
  3. In which fill the account number.
  4. Enter Account Holder Name.
  5. Enter the Bank IFSC Code.
  6. Enter your mobile number.
  7. Enter Email.
  8. Now click on the Confirm button.
  9. Enter your Withdraw Amount.
  10. After that click on Withdraw button.
  11. Minimum Withdraw is ₹100.
  12. Maximum Withdraw is ₹1,00,000.

If you want to withdraw money from your bank account, then first you have to enter the bank account number, then IFSC Code and your full name and bank name. Now you click on the simple Withdraw button. Your money will be withdrawn to your account within 5 to 10 minutes.


My dear friends Rummy Deity Mod Apk is giving experience of a very best App, Sign Up bonus inside it is also more than other App. Along with this, you are also getting 23 types of games here. I have also taken payment from Rummy Deity App. Pay very quickly too. So you can Download Rummy Deity Apk without any delay.

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Q.1. Where to Download Rummy Deity Apk?

Ans. If you want to Download Rummy Deity Apk. So you can download by visiting TopRummyApp.Com.

Q.2. How much is the Sign Up Bonus in Rummy Deity Apk?

Ans. If you create an account with new mobile number in Rummy Deity app, then you get a Sign Up Bonus of ₹51.

Q.3. How many games can I play in Rummy Deity App?

Ans. In Rummy Deity App, along with Ludo Game, there are 23 types of other games.

Q.4. Minimum how much money can be added in Rummy Deity App?

Ans. You can add at least ₹100 in Rummy Deity Apk.

Q.5. Maximum how much money can be added in Rummy Deity App?

Ans. You can add maximum ₹1,00,000 in Rummy Deity Apk.

Q.7. Minimum how much money can be withdrawn in Rummy Deity Apk?

Ans. You can withdraw Minimum ₹100 in Rummy Deity Apk.

Q.8. Maximum How Much Money Can Withdraw In Rummy Deity Mod Apk?

Ans. The maximum withdrawal you can make in Rummy Deity Mod Apk is ₹1,00,000.

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