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Q: What is Gullak?

Gullak App is an investment app that gives the highest return on gold in India. Gullak App is operated by FINTERSCALE TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED. Gullak gives its users the opportunity to invest in Digital Gold, here you get the option of Gold SIP and some Saving Plans. In which you can invest. And you can get Referral Commission up to ₹ 2,000 through Refer and Earn.

Q: What is Gullak Referral Code?

Gullak Referral Code is 2KCTDD. You can use it while creating the account. So that you can get Referee benefit.

Q: How to Download Gullak App?

If you want to invest in Digital Gold inside Gullak App. And want to get upto 16% returns on your investment. So for this you have to download Gullak App. For this you have to click on the Join Now button. Then you can Download Gullak App from Playstore. After that, you have to copy the Gullak Referral Code. And you can use it while creating an account.

Q: How to create your account in Gullak App?

After you Download Gullak App, you can easily create your account. For this you have to use your mobile number. After that, click on the Get OTP button, then OTP will come on your mobile number. After entering it, click on the Get Started button. And you have to enter your Name and Age. After that, you have to enter the Referral Code. After that, your account will be ready.

Q: What is Gullak Refer and Earn Program?

Gullak Referral Program gives you all a chance to earn money without investing money. Where you share your referral link with another friend. And he creates his account in it, and invests his money here. So Gullak gives you Referral Commission.

Q: How to join Gullak Referral Program?

If you are already an existing user of Gullak, and you want to earn money without investing in Digital Gold. Then you have to go to Gullak Refer and Earn Program and share your Referral Link or Refer Code with your friends. After that, when your friend creates his account in Gullak and joins the Referral Program, then you get Referral Commission.